The Quality as a Mission

Luxury sea view homes in Italy: all the premium services available for you

At Le Dune, a series of services have been selected for you to make your daily life easier. All the owners of these Luxury properties in Italy have an impressive collection of first-class amenities available, because buying a home here does not mean just having one of the most sought after luxury sea view homes, it also means (and above all) improving the quality of life. At Le Dune all the services needed in everyday life are at hand, this contributes greatly to reducing the stress and optimizing the time you will spend relaxing.

Look at all services Le Dune offer you when you buy a luxury property in Italy!

The services offered at Le Dune are really many:  from an excellent fish restaurant, to a Café where to taste an espresso, A bakery where to buy a fresh bread and cakes and if you love keeping fit are available for you a modern sea view fitness center and a new beauty center.

For you and your family’s serenity you will there are a pharmacy, a family doctors clinic and a medical center and a dedicated Le Dune Kids’ Club for younger family members to safely play in comfort. 

Turnkey Exclusive Italy Homes !

Discover wonderful Italian properties as second home and /or rental income in this increasingly popular property valuing destination. Our Luxury properties for sale in Italy give you an extra motivation you have been looking for, we have a dedicated staff to provide you a first class post sale Property & Rental Management.  We know how can be hard to manage a holiday home when you are away, so we will pick up up your mail, we will pay your bills and we will offer a full rentals management in case you wish to rent your front sea apartment in Abruzzo.

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Living Better

Alusea Bistrot

ALUSEA BISTROT is offering an elegant, innovative, traditional cuisine with the finest sea food and shellfish from the Adriatic Coast.
You can taste delicious seafood dishes, from the appetizers to the dessert, from the ice cream to the happy hour, in the background of light blue waves with Mediterranean sea.
Experience the best classical & Contemporary cuisine, rare wine vintages, breathtaking views and unsurpassed service.
A combination so refreshingly satisfying, it should be savoured, every day…

Le Dune Cafè - Bar Atena

Entering at Le Dune Bar is like walking into a boutique café but also a special place where everyday people and the friendly atmosphere make this coffee bar a meeting place for all Le Dune’s residents.
When Le Dune caffè opens the doors the sole mission of its staff is to offer a authentic Italian espresso experience.
And no matter if it’s your first visit or your thousandth cup, you will always find a smile behind the counter.

Trieste Pizza

«Trieste» is the story of a family and their pizzettas. It all started in the 1950s with the entrepreneurial spirit of Gabriele Ciferni opening the «Trieste» lido beach establishment in Pescara, Italy.
Over the years «Trieste’s pizzettas», easily identified by their size and taste, have become synonymous with the highest quality fast food.
During each phase of production from the use of the special bland of ingredients to the rising of dough through the baking of the pastry special care is taken.
In addition, the toppings are carefully combined to ensure the correct harmony between the flavors.
All the Italian ingredients are prepared daily to meet the highest standards.

Forno Stella

Forno Stella is an independent Italian bakery that’s been in the same family for more than 15 years.
Their philosophy has been simple: excellent bread depends on excellent ingredients and time-honoured methods of production.
They still make every loaf by hand, from scratch, every day, using special Italian flour.
That means everything from traditional Italian » pagnotta» to the seven different varieties of bread. That’s the reason why they taste different.

Le Dune Fitness Gym

Outfitted in the latest in strength and cardiovascular equipment, the oceanfront fitness center, located on the ground level of Le Dune residential complex, is equipped with an array of TechnoGym Artis weight training units.
A thoughtful products range for gym fitness centers that is the first to re-define the workout space with seamless design, to offer a fully connected workout experience, to provide a completely natural feeling of movement, to reduce, recycle, and renew energy.
The fitness team at Le Dune are experienced instructors offering a wide range of personalized health and fitness programs, including Personal Training, health and Wellness coaching, Pilates and Yoga sessions.

Beauty Center Excelsior

This beauty center and hairdressing salon offers specific treatments for face and body with totally natural products studied to get the best, latest generation technologies and all estetician news to help you for every target area and much more….

Laura's Store

Laura’s Boutique is the go-to source for luxury, avant-garde fashion.
This boutique carries the most renowned Ready-to-Wear designer collections from Europe, offering an extensive catalog of the most world renowned as well as up and coming luxury designers.

Basic Wood

This menswear store has large choice of styles, conceived from a large network of designers, combines heritage with modernity, simplicity with playfulness, and street style with understated elegance.
They enjoy a vibrant, international customer community.

Stenella CNO

This health center guarantees the best possible care using technologies, the best avant-garde diagnostic and therapeutic instruments, constantly updating the scientific and technical knowledge of its professionals.
Following strong ethical, moral and social principles that have always characterized the work of the Stenella health center.
To be at the service of the patient.

Family Doctors Center

At this medical center they offer a wide range of services including family medicine, pediatrics, counseling services and much more.
They serve patients of all ages and backgrounds, from newborns to the elderly and provide coverage for every member of your family when you need it.


This municipal pharmacy provides an excellent service to customers in modern premises.
All the staff is trained in every aspect of pharmacy and customer care.
In addition to all the other services this pharmacy provides out of hours some prescription/medicines (according with others pharmacies shifts).
Different other products are dispensing when all the other pharmacies are closed by a 24/7 vending machine.

Post Office & ATM

Italy’s number-one postal operator.
They have been entrusted with exclusive provision of universal postal service in the country.
This service, includes the delivery of mail and parcels to all residents of Italy and abroad with 13,000 post offices and 30,000 delivery personnel.
Poste Italiane has long invested in electronic document printing and delivery, a service that allows a digital document to be printed and delivered to the recipient in hardcopy form.
Poste Italiane is the cutting edge of electronic communications to offer solutions aimed at ensuring the integrity of and certifying digital communications and transactions including electronic money services, through the issuance of debit cards (Postamat) and prepaid cards (Postepay) and several ATM around the country.

Newsstand / Kiosk

A kiosk like a mini-shopping mall.
Customers hunting for the latest issue of the newspaper can also find inflatables for the beach, some toys, stationery which are shoehorned among copies of Vogue, Der Spiegel or The Economist, but also postcards, guidebooks, DVDs and calendars.
The friendly italian service is always a must even in a newsstand.

Le Dune Kid's Party

Welcome to the Le Dune Kids Party the place where children play and learn in their early years with a wide range of toys, games, ride-ons, puzzles, and CDs construction toys.
All the high quality toys are selected to encourage children’s play and to assist them in their educational development.
New members are always welcome.

Primary School

The best elementary schools establish a strong educational foundation that can affect performance in core subjects for the rest of your child’s academic life.
Around Le Dune we have an excellent primary school finished in 2013 with all the best standards.
It is an antisismic building with floor heating and electric air exchange system in each classroom.
It’s one of the best school in the area.

Building Security Guard

At the Le Dune residential complex, it’s possible to find a building security service, especially at night, for the peace and security of all residents.
Sales Office: via Leonardo da Vinci — 64028 Silvi (TE) —